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Allergy Relief with Honey

This time of year is wicked on the sinuses with all of the allergens in the air.  In Central Texas, Cedar (Ashe Juniper) drives people crazy.  Add to that mold and you’re stuffy for days.

Cedar is an air pollinated species - which means the wind blows the pollen around and it lands on other trees.  It’s not bees or other pollinators doing the work.  For that reason, you won’t find Cedar pollen in most honeys.  It’s the tiny particles of pollen that give you micro doses and boost your tolerance to things you’re allergic to.

For our honey - if you’re allergic to flowery things - like rag weed, goldenrod or milk weed - our Haecker Honey is a great choice.  For other trees like oak and elm, our Ranch 1117 will give the most relief.

Unfortunately beyond its usual healthy nutrition and healing properties (anti-inflammatory & antibacterial), taking honey alone won’t help much with Cedar & mold.

Here are a few remedies I’ve found to help:

Honey Sinus Wash:

2 cups warm distilled water + salt packet + 1 tbsp honey in a neti pot

Before you gawk and ask if I’m crazy (I am) - I am suggesting that you put honey in your nose.  The warm water will dissolve the honey so when you wash your sinuses you get its anti-inflammatory properties (because all that tissue is angry) and its anti-bacterial (no sinus infections, please) goodness.  And it soothes.  You might get a mild sweet taste at the back of your throat. It’s been studied!

Sage & Eucalyptus Body Scrub

During allergy season, it’s important to get the pollen off your body (and out of your sinuses).  Using a sage & eucalyptus body scrub can remove pollen particulate, exfoliate and nourish your skin!  Here’s our recipe.

Throat Relief Tea

2 lemons quartered, 1 thumb sized piece of peeled & ginger sliced, 2 tbsp cinnamon pieces (or 2-3 sticks) in a pint jar covered with honey.  Refrigerate.  Mix to combine the liquid and the “jelly” at the bottom.  Spoon into cup and pour hot water over for a delicious tea. <Hint: I put a strainer over my cup, load it with the mixture and pour hot water over that.>

Honey Vanilla Lip Balm

If you’re like me, taking allergy meds dries EVERYTHING out, including your lips.  At a time when we’re breathing through our mouths more, give your lips some love with a nourishing lip balm.  I make a great one…but if you’re not in the bee business, it’s easier to find a favorite in your local area!

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