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Sugar & Honey Body Scrub

Updated: Jan 3

The year we had more honey than we could eat, I looked for new uses. Being a spa loving lady who worked in natural food for 20 years…the first thing I tried was homemade body scrub.

We’re in Texas, so my garden provides mountains of dried mint. I use a lot of it for tea with our honey, of course. After learning that kale powder is a thing…I thought mint powder might be magic. It is. First I used it in brownies - yum. Then I got my scrub on.

Beekeeping is sticky, sweaty bees-ness! And there is nothing better than getting squeaky clean when you’re done.

Sugar scrubs are popular and expensive to buy - so my frugal heart dove right in. I started with big bowl of organic cane sugar. Why organic if you’re not going to eat it? Because when you buy organic you’re protecting honey bees and the environment from the ill effects of commercial pesticides.

I whisked in a heaping helping of mint powder. To really make your skin feel fabulous - I chose organic coconut oil and our honey. Last, I added some essential oil. That’s it! It’s like a spa in tiny jar.

You might think it sounds sticky - it’s not!

I encourage people to try it out on their hands first. Treat it like soap - put a big dollop in your palms and rub your hands together. Pause and take a big deep breath. The scent of the fresh honey and herbs are so refreshing.

Remember to scrub your wrists and up your arms. If your hands love the scrub…then you’re good to use it everywhere. It’s terrific for dry elbow and feet. I use it on my face twice a week.

Nourishing Our Skin

The sugar exfoliates or removes dead skin. Important because our skin is the bodies largest organ. It’s protects us from germs and even regulates our body temperature.

The coconut oil and honey both nourish skin with their vitamins and enzymes. When you rinse, your skin feels silky smooth.

Bath Time for Kids

Every have trouble getting kids into the bath? Let them make their own scrub and then use it on those icky summer feet. If you include lavender it can help relax kiddos - easing into bedtime.

Plastic Containers

I'm usually fussy about only using glass containers. Except...I'm a clutz. When you take a product into the bathroom, plastic is for safety. I always choose BPA free plastic.

Other Amazing Aromas

Everything I do starts with the bees or the garden…so the other scrubs I make are:

Lavender & Calendula - A few varieties of lavender are loving the Texas climate. I harvest and

dehydrate the leaves and blooms. Calendula is a gorgeous flower in the marigold family that is known for it’s healing properties - especially for skin. I pluck the blooms and pop them in then dehydrator and include their petals in the scrub.

Sage & Eucalyptus - I harvest truckloads of sage which pairs beautifully with eucalyptus essential oil. This one is really great for your sinuses.

Wanna Get Your Scrub On?

I love to teach folks how to make their own scrub. I host DIY sessions for kids and adults. It’s a great girls night out activity or as a companion for a gardening book club. I even had a class that included two 13-year-old football boys who thought it was a great way to spend their afternoon! Give me a buzz…

If you want to make your own, here's our recipe:

2 cup Organic Cane Sugar

1/2 cup Organic Coconut Oil

2 oz Honey

1.5 Tsp Essential Oil (depending on scent)

Dried Herbs (I use enough to get a good scent and the "look" you desire.)

Mix (by hand or using a mixer). If it's cold you might need to heat the coconut oil a bit to soften. Store in an airtight container - plastic for safety if you'll put it in the bathroom. Enjoy!

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