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Explore the World of Honey Bees - our planet's most important species.

I quit the grocery business once because I wanted to teach. Twenty two years later, that dream has come true - I just didn't know I would be teaching about the amazing world of honey bees and the critical need we have for pollinators.  I'm passionate about experience design and have loved helping thousands of people satisfy their curiosity about these amazing creatures and their taste buds with the delicious honey they create.  I've lead international interactive online sessions for hundreds and in person tastings for a few.  I'm just as comfortable with a group of Girl Scouts as I am a room full of CEOs.  And I would love to inspire your group! Just give me a buzz...

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Dive into the fascinating world inside a bee hive.  Discover how the colony grows, thrives & makes honey.  Learn how workers navigate and pollinate. Understand why bees sting and how to avoid it. Find out what actions you can take every day to protect and support pollinators.  Appreciate the role pollinators play our food supply.


What is honey?  Why do we get to enjoy it?  How much honey do bees make? Who are the bees natural predators? Get answers to all your questions about buying honey at the grocery store or farmers market.  Learn how honey is extracted and how to taste it!

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Every thing honey bees do has a potent impact on our health.  Develop a full appreciation of the magic they make from honey to propolis to beeswax to bee venom.  Explore insights on local honey and allergy relief.  Discover how honey can nourish your skin.

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We talk about bees and honey - answer participants questions.  Each attendee will have the ingredients and make their own Bees Knees Cocktail.    The goal is to satisfy their curiosity and celebrate with a toast at the end.  Great for team builds, friend gatherings, foodie fun or event book clubs - read a honey bee book!

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