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Bees are endlessly fascinating!  They make so much of our world go around - that we never think about.  By pausing to learn about pollinators and honey bees specifically you can take small steps that have a huge impact on honey bee health and the future of our food supply.  

In this session we learn about how a bee colony functions and the differences between managed hives and wild ones.  We talk about the different roles honey bees have throughout their life.  

We explore the business of honey bees and the role that native pollinators play in our environment.

And, of course, we taste honey!  For virtual events, we'll send each participant an experience box plan for shipping time.

A version of this event can meet the requirements for the Girl Scout pollinator patch.  It's also a good starting point for anyone who is curious about beekeeping.

I'm not scheduling open to the public events (yet) - but if you'd like to plan an event for a group you know, give me a buzz!

Nona Evans Spillers


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