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Honey Bees & Hannah's Longhorns

John has a big wonderful family.  His mom's sister Hannah, a former school teacher, bought 100 acres in Kingsbury when she retired.  She wanted a garden, chickens and pet Longhorns.  Her pickles are legendary.

About 3 years ago, her son Scott invited us to put a few bee hives on the property and they have flourished!

The yard sits down a little hill across from a pond where they cattle drink.  Their sunrise includes a picturesque working windmill that fills a tank.  The forage in Kingsbury includes wild grape vines, every wildflower known to man the most curious of them are field of white Texas Prickly Poppies - also known as stinging nettles. <<Because we don't have enough things that sting in our world!>>. This year there were several types of Bee Balm that covered the pastures.  Normally Kingsbury had produced a light caramel honey with a molasses or brown sugar finish.  Not Spring 2023.  It is light, sweet and buttery with a fruity finish!

White Twin in Wildflowers.jpeg
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