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Making & Enjoying Spun Honey (aka Creamed Honey)

Creamed honey is honey that has been whipped in an electric mixer changing the texture to a creamy spreadable consistency.

The trick is to start with honey that has some crystallization. It’s the sharp edges on the glucose crystals that change the texture when whipped and allow it to hold this new creamy state.

You can cream any honey at home using an electric mixer with a whip attachment. Fifteen to twenty minutes on high speed will give you a result that will hold long enough to serve with a special meal. If your honey doesn’t have some small crystals though - it will separate.

The ideal honey for creaming is thick and has visible crystals as in the first photo below. This type of honey is common in Europe, but not as much in the US where people wonder if thick honey has gone bad. Read more about why honey never goes bad here.

You can see that honey takes on the creamy white color fairly quickly. The longer you whip the honey the more the sharp crystals help hold the consistency. You never need to refrigerate honey but keeping creamed honey around 65 degrees can slow separation.

At left are a couple of separated examples from batches I’ve made. They look a bit like dulce de leche. They still taste delicious - sometimes I call them “cream on top”. You can scoop it all back into the mixer and cream it again if you wish.

Enjoy your creamed honey on toast, pancakes or a cheese board.

I love it as a glaze for my lemon poppyseed muffins or drizzled over my honey cardamom cookies.

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