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Host a Honey Bee Happy Hour

How do you energize a team when everyone spends hours a day in virtual meetings? That was my challenge when Covid sent us all to work from home. FUN is one of my team's core I got to work immediately learning to create an engaging online culture. A year later, everything I've learned has converged into the HONEY BEE HAPPY HOUR!

Did you know there was a prohibition era cocktail called The Bees Knees? It uses honey & lemon to mask the aroma of the liquor. When you combine honey, lemon and gin...the result is magic! Especially if it is preceded by 30 minutes of exploration inside a honey bee hive -something most people will never see!

If your team is ready for a break, needs to have a little fun, laugh and learn something new - this experience is for you! Dive inside a honey bee hive, learn why honey bees are the world’s most important species and wrap up with a virtual cocktail toast!

ZOOM into the World of Honey Bees > EASY. ENGAGING. AFFORDABLE.

  • 30 Minute Planning Call to understand the team, goals and participants

  • Happy Hour Honey Bee Box mailed to each participant 10 days prior to the event

  • 1 Hour Virtual Event that concludes with instruction on mixing the Bees Knees Cocktail Non-alcoholic option available

$25 Per Person + Shipping

Minimum 10 participants.

Happy Hour Experience Box

Each participant will receive a box that includes all the ingredients to make the Bees Knees cocktail including: 2oz Honey, 2 Lemons, 2oz Gin and a recipe card. Chamomile tea is included for those who avoid alcohol. Also included are a notebook, pollinator friendly seed and a beeswax honey lip balm or hand salve.

A hive of honey bees is among the world's most effective teams!

Every bee in the hive has a job and a career path. I use honey bee metaphors to connect to your team’s work and goals. Having lead a multitude of teams, I love to personalize the experience including interactive time, fun elements like bingo and ALWAYS a team photo.

Protecting Pollinators Makes a Difference

From butterflies to honey bees, our pollinators are under threat. Development is destroying their habitat and pesticide use challenges their health. Learn easy tips and tricks you can use at home to protect the pollinators in your community.

About the Host

My lifelong career in the food business taught me the importance of honey bees to a healthy food system. In the 10-years I lead Whole Kids Foundation the organization introduced a grant and education program focused on engaging students and their families to protect our pollinators.

I love to share my passion and knowledge about honey bees, the inner workings of a hive and especially the process of harvesting honey with audiences of all ages. After two decades in executive leadership, I understand the importance of building a strong team. I've lead team building for groups from 5-100.

Text me to schedule! 512.289.9258

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