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Honey Bee Experiences: Educational Resources

Creating an experience for people around the importance of pollinators is what lead me into beekeeping! One in three bites of food we eat requires pollination. I do lots of talks for groups from garden clubs to girl scouts - so I wanted to share some of my favorite resources.

While many of these are geared toward kids - when it comes to learning about honey bees…most adults don’t know as much as a 3rd grader!

I’ll likely expand this post over the course of Fall. If you’d like to give a talk and need help, just give me a buzz. Or if you need a speaker - there’s nothing I love more (in person and virtually) than talking about bees!

Whole Kids Foundation

This is the nonprofit I helped to create and lead for a dozen years. Their mission is improving children’s nutrition (so check out the kids club for wonderful engagement ideas). A small part of the organization’s work is pollinator education including honey bee grants for schools.

The Bee Cause

This amazing nonprofit partners with Whole Kids Foundation to support more than 700 schools in the US, UK and Canada. Their founder is the most enthusiastic bee educator I’ve ever met. And Savanah Bee’s (honey and body care products) founder Ted supports the groups work with time and a percentage of product sales.

National Honey Board

This trade association helps to promote honey sales for beekeepers of all sizes.

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