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If you ask Nona, it's all John's fault.  If you ask John, he might say Nona started it.  Together, we now care for more than 60 hives of happy honey bees.  They live at our Red Road Ranch, 160 secluded acres outside of Seguin and Haecker Farm - 200 acres that have been in the family since the 1800's.  Aunt Hanna has a 100 acre ranch in Kingsbury where the most beautiful Longhorns keep our bees company.  And our bees at a friend's FM 1117 ranch enjoy the nearby Mesquite grove.  Visit each yard to learn more about the place and forage that make our honey so delicious.

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Every Jar Comes with a Little Education

John is a native Austinite and I (Nona), am a fanatical foodie. We've been married for more than twenty years.  Together, we are frugal up cyclers, chronic rescuers of animals, people, houses and just about anything else.  John is a retired Senior Police Sergeant and a consummate maker.  He has made 99% of our bee hive woodware out of reclaimed material from high school drama departments, shipping containers or the neighborhood swap.  I was the founding executive director of Whole Kids Foundation, a non profit that provides pollinator education and support for bee hives hosted at schools.  I never do anything without hands on when John started studying beekeeping, it was no surprise that shortly thereafter we picked up our first hive.

We keep “feral” bees. These bees have lived in Central Texas and evolved to thrive in our climate. Their wild genetics make them a bit SASSIER than pure European varieties.

Feral bees come from swarms. Because habitat for honey bees is challenged, swarms often land in residential trees, water meter boxes or move into sheds, garage walls or other unwelcoming places.

When that happens, we go get them and move them to one of our apiaries where they can live happily ever after.


Call, text or email anytime.  We deliver honey around Central Austin and near our apiaries.  

Nona is happy to speak at events or host honey bee happy hours in person and virtually.

We're proud that our honey is sold at the Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center Gift Shop

and The Culinary Room on the square in Lockhart.


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